Hey! I’m Becca Audra Smith. I did an English/Psychology undergraduate and I’m finishing a Masters in creative writing: poetry. As part of my masters I’m completing a unit in teaching creative writing. This blog is where I’m creating resources and exploring inspirations for fiction that is inspired by the past. I thought I would tie it into postcards from the past competition run by MMU, which is a really inspiring way of plugging yourself into history.

I did History as an A level and go through stages of obsessing over different periods, generally led to this through fiction. The stone age is covered by Jean M. Auel’s sequence from Clan of the Cave Bear to The Land of Painted Caves.

Gone with the Wind both the movie and the book led to an obsession with the American Civil War.

Hilary Mantel’s novels led to an obsession with Tudor times in particular Anne Boleyn’s life and what we know of her.

Basically, authors who engage with history and use it in a detailed, researched way to create fiction is really inspiring to me. I chose the telephone box image because it reminded me of the tardis in Doctor Who, a time travelling machine into the past. This telephone box is on the corner of Summer Close and has it’s own history, it’s been saved from the scrappers by the local council and is a solid reminder of a past without mobile phones!


Summer Close Phonebox

Summer Close Phonebox


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