Postcards from the Past

The ofthepast blog is a platform for inspiration and research into the Suffrage movement in history and in present day, with a specific focus on Manchester.  ofthepast is interested in stories from history, fables that are fabulated from the piecework of the past that has been left behind.

Fabulation: the act of inventing or relating false or fantastic tales.

It is a five week long project that aims to link in with Postcards from the Past competition. They ask people to:

Pick a year from history or research a key event or person, then write a postcard as though from a real or fictional character.

The word count is exactly 200 words. They have examples of postcard entries from authors on their blog, including one which gets talking to Leonardo Da Vinci about the Olympic flame.

I’m planning to use the banners section of the Women’s Votes part of the People’s History Museum to find further inspiration:

People's History Museum

People’s History Museum


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